You can use the WAC’s technical infrastructure and services to conduct your research. The WAC also has supplies of various wastewater types for research purposes. Various choices can be made in this.
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The WAC facilities consist of a research building for testing set-ups and various laboratories for performing chemical and biological analyses.

      – Surface area of 900 m2
      – Research infrastructure: (technical) gasses, (waste) water and electrical equipment
      – Standard instruments such as process meters, pumps, etc.

Chemistry laboratory
      – Infrastructure with (technical) gasses, water and electricalequipment
      – Furnished with tables, cabinets, acid cabinets, safety cabinets
      – Standard instruments including process meters, ICP (metal analysis), TOC, 
        spectrophotometry, fluid chromatography and turbidity

Microbiological laboratory
       – Furnished with tables, cabinets, flumes, safety cabinets
       – Standard instruments such as RT-PCR, electrophoresis, ELISA

Technical services
       – Maintenance and support for equipment and research set-ups

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The WAC facilitates the business community and education with infrastructure and equipment for conducting research. In addition to infrastructure, WAC provides technical support for the construction and maintenance of testing set-ups, analysis support, procurement, service and safety.

Businesses, institutions and organisations can turn to the WAC for the research facilities that they themselves don’t have in order to perform (large-scale) research.